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Retreat Chartres


Every breath, every choice, every moment one dedicates to living more nearly to the Beloved, in every way, matters.


It’s easy to carry on with ordinary reality, to ‘think’ about that nearness frequently throughout the day. It’s not quite as easy to establish that consciousness in moment to moment 3D living.


For just that, Chartres rains Her Presence. And to that end, or beginning, I’ve put the five day retreat in Chartres on the books for 12-16 September 2016. This retreat will seasonally, still have the sacred labyrinth available for your earth-walk participation, under the light of the full moon.


Come to intimately experience your own relationship with the Divine.

You will find in the menu on the homepage, the Retreat in Chartres …

I so look forward to Being Present with you.





Conscious Passage




Crossing over, or passage across the great divide, is a subject not reconciled — for any of us — until it arrives.

I do believe Hospice is one of the most compassionate structures available to date, to assist Beings who have come to the end stage of . . . MORE

Write Revelation




This is for You …

A moment in time, capturing the in between; from the here and now to the beyond — constantly brings me, and hopefully you, to writing revelation.

Language the mentor of poets, to learn to find what holds the experiences at hand.

I’ve . . . MORE

Your Core Frequency

People don’t usually recognize themselves at a core frequency level.

Gotta grock the essence of  ‘core’ …

Any time an individual comes in for the Work, what I’ve discovered is that they don’t realize what they’ve discovered.

They’ve generally not met themselves.

It’s a foreign experience, one’s frequency, if one hasn’t actually . . . MORE



Hello Friends,

The next opening for delivery in beloved Chartres is 16-20 May 2016.

I look forward to a WEEK of Presencing with each of you!




PARIS Presse



The page turned in Paris on Friday the 13th. In an overt and as yet un-acknowledged way; the way we all want everything to be the same — when it’s not.

Given the state of affairs, the threats we face globally, our inherent responses which spiral around our . . . MORE

Soul Fusion -- and Spins


The body of Work that is Soul Fusion, was birthed and sourced on Mt Shasta back in the late ’80s, and began being delivered in 1990.

It has its own purpose … Is its own frequency; to bring you experientially more deeply into the inner Presencing we all hold, . . . MORE

Soul Fusion


Heart to Heart Greetings,

When I consciously began this, my journey, in  the late ’80s, the only piece that was not an unknown was the step I took onto the Path. And, at that time, I did not even consider I was on one. I only knew I took  a step.

. . . MORE

Art of the Soul: Apprenticeship

Mother of the World








Heart to Heart Greetings,

It has been twenty years now, since I opened the first large and (rather) hallucinogenic apprenticeship near Ghent, in the heart of Belgium.

That’s 20 years of the Work, from then to now, as it has evolved, matured, riped and gained . . . MORE

The Way of the Heart




Inner Work is sacred.

Deeply intimate.


No trespassing, unless invited.


The  first person you ever have

To invite in, is yourself.


Once that membrane has been walked through?

Life begins again.


The results?


Easy to dismiss.

Recognition of something other than the delusion.

What . . . MORE